Seeking a Productivity Boost? It’s Time to Leverage Your Office Printer

The humble printer is a staple of the typical office environment, tirelessly and faithfully serving the needs of your workforce. This also makes office printers one of the most overlooked aspects of office productivity. Nearly every employee in your business will come into contact with a printer at some point, so understanding how its usage impacts employees is essential for boosting productivity levels.

How Modern Printers Can Boost Productivity

When it comes to streaming office workflows and boosting overall productivity, you’ll need all of the help you can get. Fortunately, the modern multifunction printer offers the leverage needed to make those productivity gains happen. Armed with a host of advanced features, today’s printer allows users to achieve more with less effort and fewer commands:

  • Enhanced capabilities – Along with combined printing, scanning, faxing, and copying capabilities, multifunction printers also offer a number of unorthodox features, including optical character recognition (OCR) for searching scanned documents and the ability to directly request professional translation services from the machine.
  • User-friendly interfaces – Today’s multifunction office printer offers touch-screen interfaces not unlike the average consumer tablet or smartphone, enhancing productivity by increasing ease-of-use.
  • Improved paper handling – Some modern printers readily accommodate high-volume usage scenarios by offering expanded duty cycles, increased output speeds, and oversized paper trays. These features make high-volume printing easier for print-heavy offices.
  • Mobile printing – Mobile-friendly printers can handle document printing requests straight from the latest mobile devices, resulting in faster printing jobs while eliminating the need for a stationary middleman. Most printers feature wireless connectivity along with provisions for physical memory and data storage.
  • Finishing processes – Stapling, collating, color printing, and other outsourced finishing processes can now be done in-house with today’s multifunction printers with no appreciable loss in overall quality and time.
  • Data protection – The modern printer also features data encryption, role-based permissions, and anti-virus/malware protection, ensuring improved security when it comes to sensitive and confidential information.

Leveraging the multifunction printer’s capabilities and feature sets can help improve efficiency and boost productivity throughout the office. Contact Infomax Office Systems today if you’re ready to transform the way your Des Moines office works with a new printing solution or by harnessing the power of your existing devices.