Infomax experts are standing by to answer your questions and resolve issues with around-the-clock availability from our customer support desk. Our tenured staff can help you troubleshoot your systems, schedule on-site maintenance or address critical security concerns with same- or next-day turnaround times and remote monitoring capabilities. Always available by phone, email or online through E-Info, providing you with timely, professional and knowledgeable assistance is our highest priority.

E-Info Customer Login

Use our E-Info customer account login to access your Infomax account. With a simple login you will be able to order supplies, submit service requests and meter readings, and track the status on past and current orders.

Don’t have an E-Info customer account yet? Contact us to set up an account.

Training Resources

Infomax provides pre-sale and on-site training for all new equipment or systems acquisitions. Even after the sale and installation are complete, training is available on an on-going or as needed basis. Contact us to discuss your questions or schedule a complete audit through the PrintMax Plus Program.

Straight From Max Blog

The world of technology is constantly changing. Infomax is here to keep you in the know about the latest industry developments and trends so you can make informed decisions for the future of your company. In this business, knowledge is power. The Infomax Blog is your key to connectivity.

Think Beyond Tomorrow Guarantee

We want you to be efficient, productive and happy. That’s why we attach our exclusive Think Beyond Tomorrow Guarantee to all new equipment acquisitions. Available only for Infomax customers, we offer our guarantee on top of any guarantees or warranties granted by a manufacturer.

Toner Cartridge Recycling

Looking for a greener approach to printing? Infomax printers utilize recyclable cartridges to allow your office a greater opportunity to reduce its environmental footprint.