Do You Have a 2021 IT Roadmap?

An IT roadmap, or assessment and plan for your organization’s IT needs, is essential in helping your business meet its strategic goals. Because your IT protocols and infrastructure affect how your business runs, the plan should reflect your organization’s annual goals.

Operating without an IT roadmap is like starting a cross-country road trip in a vehicle that hasn’t been serviced in years. Your IT services and hardware may be holding your company back, and you risk data loss, business operation interruptions, security threats and lost revenue.

Your business has likely faced more challenges and changes to operations in 2020 than ever, making an IT roadmap even more important. An IT services provider like Infomax Office Systems can help your company assess your needs, identify possible risks and plan for 2021.

Here are some reasons your business should have an IT roadmap.

Business Continuity

Business operation disruptions translate to downtime and a loss of revenue. Unfortunately, 43 percent of companies that don’t have a business continuity plan go out of business after a major data loss. An IT provider can help assess the number of disruptions your company faced last year, their causes and how to combat those disruptions in 2021. You can work with your IT provider to create a disaster recovery plan as part of your IT roadmap.

Economic Security

A 2021 IT plan can help your business determine the amount of resources you should devote to IT for the coming year. A proactive plan minimizes unexpected budget hits, and a third-party IT provider can consolidate the variety of vendors you use in a year to one vendor with one fixed payment. Additionally, managed print services can analyze and optimize document output devices to make them as efficient and cost effective as possible. Additionally, cloud computing services are a proactive way to protect your data from being lost or compromised. Cybersecurity is a persistent issue, with one in five small and medium-sized businesses reporting they faced a ransomware attack in the last year.

Staying Current

An IT company can assess your infrastructure to see what hardware and devices may need updates. Because technology updates occur at lightning speed, an IT provider may suggest leasing some of your hardware, such as printers, copiers and scanners. Consider that 90 percent of companies don’t know how many printers they have or the amount they spend on printing. Leasing saves your company from fronting the cost of a new device only to have to replace it in a few years, and managed print services allows you to track your printing expenses. You’ll have the most efficient, cost-effective, updated machinery for a fixed monthly payment.

Infomax Office Systems can help your organization develop a 2021 IT roadmap, setting your organization up for success in the new year. Message us to learn more.