Can Your Business Increase Efficiency With A Multifunction Printer?

There is rarely any business in Des Moines that doesn’t require at least a copier, printer, or scanner. These are elements of the modern office that help to bring about the desired efficiency and productivity in the workplace. But these pieces of work equipment have not been helpful in managing office spaces due to their dispersed nature.

Interestingly, the introduction of the multifunction printer which has not only helped to enhance efficiency in the workplace has also managed to replace the myriad of equipment. Just so you know, a multifunction printer (MFP) is a single piece of equipment that can effectively make life easier at any office, thanks to its highly efficient cost-saving and task-simplifying abilities.

Here is how businesses can increase efficiency with the use of an MFP in Des Moines. Read more

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Office Equipment

Businesses and their employees work hard to provide superior products and services, and when the tools they use to do their jobs can no longer function properly, it can hinder the entire operation. It’s essential to make sure that your multifunction printers, fax machines, and computers run efficiency. Here are a few signs it’s time to upgrade your office equipment.  Read more

Benefits of Wide Format Printing For Your Business

Wide format printing, also known as large format printing, is an advertising means that has grown in popularity over the past few years, especially in the marketing industry. The luxury of having a larger medium to work with is the beauty of wide format printing, as the size of your outputs are exponentially larger with a wide format printer. Businesses across Iowa have found that this type of printer is an effective tool in promoting company growth. Read more

Seeking a Productivity Boost? It’s Time to Leverage Your Office Printer

The humble printer is a staple of the typical office environment, tirelessly and faithfully serving the needs of your workforce. This also makes office printers one of the most overlooked aspects of office productivity. Nearly every employee in your business will come into contact with a printer at some point, so understanding how its usage impacts employees is essential for boosting productivity levels. Read more

It’s Time for New Office Technology

Are your employees spending too much time on routine tasks? Is your office equipment constantly breaking down, resulting in bottlenecks in your workflows? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, it’s time to consider some technology upgrades within your office space. There is no shortage of revolutionary new office technology features out there that can help improve the efficiency of your daily workflows.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll realize by upgrading your office equipment and taking advantage of the advancements made in office technology in recent years.

Save time and money – New technology is designed with productivity and budgets in mind to save businesses both time and money. Everyday office tasks can be completed quicker than ever, giving your employees the chance to excel in areas that directly affect your core business rather than wasting time on mundane, manual tasks. For example, today’s copiers can do much more than make copies. They can e-mail, scan, fax, image archive, and much more. They also require significantly less upkeep than older devices, minimizing downtime and cutting back on maintenance costs.

Collaborate easier than ever – In order for businesses to succeed, it takes a team effort. Fortunately, today’s office technology makes it simple to collaborate regardless of location. Employees can work remotely, connecting to a central network from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. Mobile integration technology allows employees to utilize smartphones, laptops, and tablets to email, video chat, conduct sales transactions, and much more.

Say goodbye to learning curves  New technology is designed to be user friendly. If your devices are too complicated for the average employee to operate, that’s a problem. Today’s software is simple, and much of it is customizable to your particular business. For example, you can set up monthly invoice requests to be sent out automatically to all of your regular customers. A small change like this limits data entry work, allowing your employees to get work done in other areas.

Today’s latest technology is designed to make your work life easier. Contact Infomax Office Systems to learn more about some of the exciting new office technology advancements that will positively impact your business.


Choosing the Best Multifunction Office Printer

Multifunction office printers, or MFPs, are devices that consolidate the functions of printers, copiers, scanners, and/or fax machines all into one tidy machine. For many budget-oriented companies, multifunction printers are the obvious choice when the goal is to consolidate assets, reduce printing costs, and improve work efficiency.

If you are interested in looking for a multifunction office printer for your small- to medium-sized business, be sure you are making an informed decision with these considerations from Infomax Office Systems:

Understand your office requirements

Before you embark on finding a multifunction office printer, understand what your office requires from the printer. Beyond printing and copying, how can a multifunction printer help manage documents, reduce paper usage, optimize workflows, or manage documents? How often do you need to scan, copy, print, or fax? How many of your employees will be utilizing the office printer? There are many requirements you need to consider before your start your search.

Bottom line cost

When evaluating a multifunction printer, you will need to think beyond the initial cost of just the hardware. There are a number of other expenditures to consider, including supplies and maintenance. Multifunction printers that are initially perceived as being low-cost do not factor in the cost of ink, other consumables, or service costs, and often have a much higher total cost of ownership.

Multifunction printers are useful assets for managing and controlling print and imaging costs. They can add new capabilities to your business if you do your research. The right MFP for your business can improve management of resources for your company, which improves business efficiency.

Connection to existing networks

Another factor to take into consideration when purchasing a multifunction office printer is the integration of the MFP with your existing network. Consider all the components required to deploy your business printer, such as start-up training, software installation, troubleshooting, or upgrading.

Easy usage

Choose a multifunction printer that’s user-friendly to prevent backup and costly employee downtime. Look for MFPs with user-friendly interfaces, minimal training requirements, and easy access to online support. If your MFP does need servicing, find a Managed Print Services company to keep your office printer up and running and stocked with printer supplies.

Document security

Does the multifunction office printer provide the appropriate amount of document security your company requires? If necessary, is the MFP scalable to provide more security if your company needs change?


Infomax Office Systems provides businesses with print management services. If your company operates with a multifunction printer and you’re interested in our Managed Print Services, contact us today for more information!

What to Look for in An Office Printer Before You Buy


It’s uncanny how an office printer can become a valuable part of your team. The right office printer can make a world of difference.


Technological advancements have made it easier and more efficient to run day to day operations digitally, however, the need for print production and office printers has not completely gone by the way side. Whether you have a small, medium or large company, it is imperative to choose the best office printer for your needs. What initially may seem like a minor investment, could turn into costing your company more in the long run. The right printer saves time but, with all the options that are available, can make it difficult to decide which is the right printer for you.

No two offices have the same requirements for printers. In order to ensure you select the best office printer, Infomax believes these are a few important questions to ask first.

How many of your employees require access to the office printer?

The first step is to determine how many employees in your office require access to the office printer on a daily basis. Some smaller businesses do not require high-volume, multifunction printers that are being utilized by numerous employees, on a daily basis. On the contrary, a desktop printer may not meet the demand of large operation companies.

What primary functions does the office printer require?

Multifunction office printers that combine printing, copying, faxing and scanning are a great addition to most offices and can cut down on maintenance and supply costs. However, if your company never faxes or hardly scans documents, you will not need to invest in a multifunction printer and can operate sufficiently with a single-function printer.

Would your company benefit from mobile printing capabilities?

Th advancements in mobile technology not only allows your employees to access documents, on mobile devices, from anywhere they are but also the ability to send projects to your office printers from those devices as well. If your operations require this form of functionality, you will need to select a printer that is equipped with a reliable, easy to use interface.

Do you need an office printer that tracks usage?

A selection of office printers come equipped with software programs that monitor and track usage, helping companies save money. If your company needs to track supplies, usage, order history, and service history, you will need to select an office printer that is capable of interacting with analytic software.

If your company is in need of office printers, contact Infomax today and our specialists will ensure you select the right office printer for your company.

Black vs. Rich Black: Why and When to Use Each

Printing is pretty straightforward, right? You have two options: there’s printing in color, and there’s printing in black and white. Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that. Black is a sneaky print color that comes in more than one flavor: black and rich black.

What’s the difference?
There’s more than one way to create print in black. “Standard” black is printed strictly with black toner (K cartridge). “Rich” black, however, combines K with sub-tones of the other print colors (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow). This layering provides richness and depth to the color.

Why choose one over the other?
Quality — Color variation in blacks can be very difficult to detect on a screen. In contrast, when printed, rich blacks have a deep tone that pops from the page, while regular black can appear flat and even muddy.
Legibility — Layering toner to achieve a rich black can affect the printout’s crispness, especially in small font sizes, making regular black the better option in these instances.
Cost — Regular black uses less ink to print than rich black, because the printer doesn’t layer different colors of toner over the same area on a page.

When to use rich black
Solid Black Areas — Prevent blandness and muddy gray-blacks by using rich black on important print materials like brochures and posters.
Black Over Another Color — Rich black works together with the background colors you’re printing. Using black can confound the colors and let layers show through.
Large Type — Large font sizes need the same treatment as other solid areas, so use rich black for a deep—rather than one-dimensional—black.

When to use black
Text-Only Documents — Text, especially smaller font sizes, thrives in standard black.
Black-and-White Documents — Many documents, even those with images, can convey their information very well using only black ink.

Black and rich black have subtle but noticeable differences. Before you hit print, choose your blacks wisely to get the quality and legibility you want while limiting cost and conserving toner. Call Infomax Office Systems to optimize your printing strategy, including smart use of black and rich black.

Back to Basics: The Importance of Monochrome

Color printing is great. It captures the eye, holds readers’ attention, and direct them to the information you most want them to see. However, there is no replacing black and white printing. Monochrome printing is still the king of the printing hill. For that reason, monochrome MFPs, or multifunction printers, are often an affordable and wildly beneficial addition to businesses.

Here are some ways that monochrome printing devices can aid your business.

  • Lightning speed. When you need something printed, you do not want to have to wait around for that old inkjet printer. Monochrome laser printers will blast out your printing projects quickly and efficiently. High-volume jobs are a piece of cake with monochrome laser printers, too, as they are as reliable as they are speedy.
  • Lower costs. Sure, that fancy color MFP might have all the bells and whistles, but why waste money on features your business doesn’t need? By going with a monochrome printer, you can solve your printing needs without breaking the bank. This way, you can focus on your work, rather than trying to pay off unnecessary equipment.
  • Going green. Ironically, sometimes going green is black and white. Monochrome printing helps the environment by using fewer consumables, such as toner cartridges, so that your conscious is more at ease every time you hit the print button.
  • High quality. Monochrome printing is not what it was ten years ago. In fact, the advances made in monochrome printing have resulted in some of the highest-quality document printing to date, and it’s available for your business. Furthermore, these advances have actually made printing more affordable over time. Color is great, but monochrome printers often offer finishing options that add that special something to your projects, so you can be as versatile as ever.

To hear more about monochrome printing and if it’s right your company’s needs, contact us today.