The Link Between Managed Print Services and Your IT Team

How much do you pay for your IT work? If you’re like many other businesses in the world, it’s not a small amount. In fact, IT resources are among the fastest growing costs for businesses. When used correctly, they’re also the most valuable. Do you think having your IT resources spent on replacing a toner cartridge is a cost-effective measure? If not, you need to think more seriously about Managed Print Services (MPS). It is the concept of fully outsourcing all of your printing management—from supplying printers to servicing devices. How much can MPS really help your business? Let’s find out!

Too Many Printers

It’s common to have IT staff called to fix simple printing problems. When you have a large print fleet in the office, you have more paper jams eating valuable IT time. MPS can help you streamline printer placement and access. Fewer, more efficient machines can handle more printing at a lower cost, and it reduces IT distractions.

Employee Training

If your goal is to reduce the time your IT staff spends on printing problems, training the rest of the staff on better print uses and practices is usually the best approach. When everyone in the office can easily resolve basic issues or if a Managed Print Services provider can fix the issue for them, they won’t be calling IT just to swap a toner cartridge.

Automated Supply

Perhaps the worst way to waste the time of your IT employees is to have them running out of the office to grab emergency toner. Automated supply allows your MPS partner to keep you stocked with the supplies you need to keep printing at all times. Regular deliveries keep your staff in-house and where they are needed most—doing value-adding work.

Managed Print Services is a total solution. Your MPS partner will analyze every aspect of your business’s printing and tailor a management solution designed for efficiency, cost savings, and effective printing. In truth, saving money on IT resources is only a part of the total package available. If you really want to explore the possibilities of MPS, contact Infomax today. We’ll discuss MPS with you and help you craft your own personalized printing solutions that suit your Des Moines business.