Infomax offers full lines of premium imaging and production printing equipment with on-demand product support to help both small and high-volume print shops stay on track in deadline-critical environments. We supply individual machines and complete systems that can round out or enhance your printing and production capabilities, allowing you to take your print shop to the next level by reducing costs and improving quality, output and ease of use. From the biggest jobs to the smallest details, having Infomax’s top brands and knowledgeable service team at your disposal means there’s nothing you can’t do.

Digital Printing Systems

Our digital systems for black and white or color utilize inkjet or laser printing technology for faster turnaround and increased capacity when compared to traditional offset printing. With applications from desktop publishing to creating gallery-quality photo prints, Infomax’s advanced digital printing systems give you the latest in speed, accuracy and affordability.

Large Format Systems

Perfect for larger projects such as banners, signs, technical documents or large-scale graphics, our wide format printers combine superior detail with user-friendly controls and a nonintrusive footprint suitable for any office environment.

Workflow Systems

Infomax experts can work with you to evaluate your workflow and provide solutions aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of your print operations. Through on-site consultations and productivity-boosting tools customized for your business, Infomax can streamline the way you work.

Infomax i2 Leasing Program

Outfitting your shop with the latest equipment is easy and affordable with Infomax’s i2 Leasing Program. Designed with your convenience in mind, financing your equipment with i2 Leasing gives you the benefit of working with us in a two-party agreement so the entire process stays 100 percent transparent and hassle-free.