Top 5 Smart Hardware Decisions

Smart and eco-friendly offices know that going green starts with making the right hardware decisions. Here are the top 5 tips to help you make greener hardware choices.

5. Buy or lease your office hardware. Having the machines you need on-site reduces the distance your items have to be transported and serviced (Or, with Infomax, we can come to you!)

4. Find copiers, printers and MFPs that have paper-saving functions, such as a duplexing. Having your hardware know when paper can be saved takes some of the responsibility off of you, making it easier to go green.

3. Consider refurbished equipment as a “green” alternative to new. Many manufacturers or dealers offer refurbished options for sale or lease at a significant discount. Infomax completely examines every machine and repairs or replaces worn parts to make sure that your refurbished machine runs like new so that you get maximum value.

2. Consider consolidating to an MFP­-only setup. Multi-function printers setups use about 40 percent less energy than offices that have a separate machine for each function. For everyday office tasks, consolidation is key!

1. Look for the ENERGY STAR-certified products when purchasing hardware. ENERGY STAR products are regulated by the federal government and certified according to the level of energy efficiency the product can help you attain. Because they use up to 60 percent less energy than conventional products, ENERGY STAR-rated machines help you save more money and recuperate the cost of your machines faster!

There’s no shortage of options to consider when choosing hardware. Infomax is here to lend our support! When embarking on your search for a more efficient office, consider these five choices first. Then, let us know how we can help make it happen!