Dream Big with Large Format Printing

Large format printers are getting smaller and easier to use every day. Those leaps in print technology are enabling businesses to bring large format printing in-house, where machines can quickly pay for themselves. With improved simplicity, size, and precision, it’s worth considering the possibilities that large format printing can open for your company.  After all, a blank wall is a missed opportunity!

By combining maximum-impact and in-house access, large format printing will open doors and create infinite possibilities for your company. A little imagination will transform your space.

Here are some ideas for large-format pieces that will extend the reach of your business and your brand.

Storefront billboards
Your windows are priceless real estate. With large format printing, you can print posters or clings and use that space to promote current opportunities and attract the attention of potential clients.

Storytelling landscapes
Consider a gorgeous wall mural to brighten your waiting room, or print posters to promote add-ons that may interest clients or prospects. Wall posters are perfect for promotions and educational content.

Mobile brand ambassadors
If your company has a vehicle, that automobile is must-use promotional space. Create a stunning vehicle wrap and print it on your own large format printer.

Community connection builders
Your community wants to get to know you, so show your company’s face wherever you engage. Is a staff team walking in a 5k for charity? Do you sponsor a children’s football team? Shout out your community spirit with a bold, bright banner.

When it comes to large format printing, these few ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Large format printing is also perfect for maps and schematics, trade show displays, and signage for events or facilities. Large format printing technology provides you unparalleled flexibility and room to dream big.

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5 Quick Fixes for Common Printing Problems

We’re moving to a digital world, but business still run on paper. So what do you do when printing problems appear? Sometimes it’s best to call in the pros, but a few common print issues can be fixed with a little know-how and a simple tweak here or there.

Don’t let minor printer troubles get you down. Try these quick tips before calling for backup.

1. Paper jams. Open the printer, check for anything jamming the paper’s route, and remove any obstruction before gently (but firmly) removing the stuck paper. Try to pull straight and smooth, making note of where the pressure has it trapped. If the paper does tear, just collect all the pieces before closing the printer cover.

2. Slow printing. Complex images and huge files can send your printer—and you—over the edge. Check your file sizes and image resolutions, eliminate unneeded pictures, or take advantage of features to flatten layers or reduce file sizes. If those tricks don’t help, your wireless connection speed may need a boost or your printer might need a memory upgrade.

3. Using too much paper. If a simple project comes out in a stack the size of War and Peace, it may be time to rethink your defaults. Choose automatic duplex (double-sided) printing or 2-up printing (two document pages per sheet of paper), and reduce your margins to fit more content on a page.

4. Nothing is printing. You’ve hit print and are expecting the happy whirr of the printer coming to life. Instead—nothing. So, what happened? First, make sure the printer is powered on, then check your print settings—maybe your document went to another device. If your job is still in your print queue, try restarting your computer and then, if needed, the printer.

5. Low-quality images. Does your printout look like you forgot to put on your glasses this morning? Blurry, over-pixelated images indicate that you need a higher print resolution. Look for images that are 300 dpi (dots per inch) at a minimum. If something is still off, consider switching to paper designed for printing color images.

If these simple solutions don’t solve your printing problems, call Infomax Office Systems today for service, or to learn about alternate business printing options.

How MPS Improves Team Workflows

Your business workflows are the machinery, people, and processes that make up your day-to-day operations. With Managed Print Service (MPS)—a holistic approach to print infrastructure—your print-related tasks are centralized and outsourced.

Read on to learn how MPS improves team workflows.

Provides customized solutions — From the quality and type of documents you print to the frequency and volume you need, your provider will identify which solutions will work best for your business. Anytime equipment can automate workflow processes, you’ll realize improvements in staff productivity.

Improves device sharing — If your office is like most, you are working with a hodge-podge of printers and devices that your company has cobbled together over time. MPS streamlines your printing fleet, eliminates redundant devices, and integrates group printing needs.

Eliminates interruptions —MPS includes troubleshooting and device maintenance, so your team can focus on their work. These solutions particularly help your IT staff, freeing them from lower-level print concerns.

Optimizes office layout — With a thoughtfully designed print fleet, your office will benefit from fewer machines, located at strategic locations. Individuals will save time, and space is available for other uses.

Automates document finishing — Is your staff spending time on manual activities like stapling, hole punching, and folding? MPS can ensure all of your document finishing needs are met by implementing the right equipment. With the touch of a button, these repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be completed in seconds when you have access to the right devices.

Ends maintenance headaches — Inventory monitoring, ordering, and regular maintenance are all handled for you with MPS. This is a principle tenet of MPS—to streamline the management of your printers and all print-related tasks so your team can focus on critical projects.

Collects data — Today’s MPS provides a vast amount of data to help you understand your workflows. From device usage to individual print habits, you’ll have the information you need to identify and address areas of improvement.

Whether making the most of your office layout or outsourcing maintenance and ordering, MPS will improve productivity and bring your business into 21st century technology management.

To see how Managed Print Services can improve your workflows, contact Infomax Office Systems for a free MPS assessment.