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Your Office Needs a Print Audit

Do you know how many documents are printed at your workplace on a weekly or monthly basis? Do you know which departments print the most? Do you know how many documents are printed in color or on large or small sheets of paper? Do you know how many are printed in error or printed and […]

Why Your Business Should Have a VPN

What is a VPN? A VPN — or virtual private network — is a service that ensures your connection to the internet and what you do while surfing the web is private, secure and anonymous. VPNs were first created as a way for employees to access an organization’s private network while offsite. They’re a boon […]

Misperceptions about Managed IT Debunked

Even if you consider yourself tech savvy, information technology tasks that pop up without warning can seem annoying. If you’re not adept at navigating technological programs, necessary IT work can feel downright overwhelming. Managed IT services — partnering with a third-party provider — can help your office regain control of your IT services. However, companies […]

Do You Have a 2021 IT Roadmap?

An IT roadmap, or assessment and plan for your organization’s IT needs, is essential in helping your business meet its strategic goals. Because your IT protocols and infrastructure affect how your business runs, the plan should reflect your organization’s annual goals. Operating without an IT roadmap is like starting a cross-country road trip in a […]

Color Printing by Number

Five years ago, color printing may have seemed out of reach for many small and medium-sized businesses. Color printers were seen as expensive and inefficient. As with all technology, color printers have evolved. Businesses in every industry have found that in-house color printing is not only cost-effective, documents printed in color attract more attention and […]

A Virtual CIO Could Guide Your Small Business

 For small or medium-sized businesses, information technology tasks can be pesky at best and completely overwhelming at worst. Even more difficult to manage is creating an overarching plan for a growing business’ equipment and security needs. Many small businesses grapple with their IT needs. In fact, more than a quarter of small businesses don’t employ […]

Document Management Systems Are Key to Remote Work

Some industries have taken advantage of document management systems — a digital tool to track, manage and store documents — for years. Businesses that operate on swift deadlines and thrive on collaboration understand the importance of having digital workflows. Organizations that host many appointments with customers or patients use form solutions to gather information. Companies […]

Tips to Save Small Businesses Money on Hardware, Devices

Small business owners and managers know that an itemized, efficient budget is essential to their bottom line. Office equipment and supply expenses can be a drain on a budget that could otherwise be allocated to other operational costs. You could save costs on office equipment by following these tips. Get an IT assessment. A third-party […]

Why UV Gel Ink Is the Best Technique for Large Format Printing

Large format printing jobs need to have a level of craftsmanship many other printing jobs don’t require. Banners, posters, trade show displays, window graphics and other wide format printing projects are often meant to be displayed and have more permanence than other documents a business regularly prints. The quality of the product begins with one […]

How to Maintain Operations While Working Remotely

The ability to work remotely is one that most office employees and employers have come to expect in the digital world. Even if employees and employers don’t see remote working as essential to operations, business partners and clients certainly want to be assured that a company can maintain productivity if employees are out of the […]