Eliminate Printing Woes with Managed Print Services (MPS)

Printing is a must-have function for your company. But, you and your staff are understandably getting tired of the hassle and complications that accompany managing your print fleet—especially with all of the new technology that’s built into modern devices. Fortunately, the management of your printing environment is one responsibility that you can outsource to experts, thanks to Managed Print Services (MPS). With MPS, your service partner handles your entire print infrastructure—equipment maintenance, supplies, service, monitoring, security, and even system design.

Do any of the following issues plague your company? If so, Managed Print Services can help.

High Costs — A company’s printing costs can amount to as much as SEVEN PERCENT of its total annual revenue. MPS, however, can lower your total cost of ownership by as much as 30 percent by optimizing your machines, right-sizing your fleet, and handling its maintenance.

Printer Performance Problems — With Managed Print Services, your printer fleet is continually monitored for technical issues, supply needs, preventive maintenance, and more. Your MPS partner eliminates wasteful downtime and proactively prevents problems through updates and patches.

Supply Headaches — Ordering supplies and inventory management are also part of the MPS package. With active monitoring, your supplies will automatically be ordered for you when needed, and there’s no reason to waste valuable office space stockpiling toner. MPS eliminates last-minute supply runs and keeps your purchases optimized through standardization across the fleet.

Productivity Drain — The initial MPS assessment will tell you whether the equipment you currently have is actually meeting your company’s workflow needs. Your MPS partner will provide a print solution designed to optimize your team’s workflows, from machine sharing to device placement. You’ll also free your IT staff’s time to handle value-adding projects instead of being bogged down performing printer troubleshooting.

Lack of Expertise — Your organization has tons of expertise at its disposal; unfortunately, it’s probably not in print management. MPS providers employ professional specialists with advanced training, broad experience, and a critical perspective that will result in the most effective solutions to meet your business’ needs.

You have enough on your plate, so take printing woes and worries off your list by teaming up with a Managed Print Services provider. Infomax would love to help, so contact us today for a free MPS assessment.

Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Large Format Printer?

If you’ve brought a large format printer into your fleet, you’ve enlisted the help of an incredible tool. You now have infinite opportunities at your fingertips, with incredible results that you can leverage for both your business and your customers. With a little imagination, your large format printer can provide an even greater return on investment (ROI) than you imagined. Ask yourself the following questions to learn if you’re getting the most out of your large format printer.

Are indoor large format opportunities maximized? You’re probably printing posters and signs, but have you considered other options? Your large format printer can create dramatic wall graphics or even eye-catching floor graphics, not to mention window clings to reach passersby.

Do you create large format outdoor elements? A large format printer is the perfect partner for getting your message out to the world. Outside, that is! Large-scale signage and flags are powerful attention-getters, and your community presence will be felt when you create banners for sponsorships and community events.

What specialty applications have you explored? From displays to banners to pop-ups, trade shows are the perfect place to let your large format capabilities shine. You can even create product packaging for trade show swag or everyday items on your large format printer. Blueprints and maps are also a good fit, as are vehicle wraps—a perfect tool for getting seen around town.

Is color working for you? Color drives emotion and connection, so be sure you’re using attention-getting color schemes that reinforce your brand. UV-resistant ink can help reduce fading for outdoor applications.

Have you optimized large format media usage? While glossy and matte paper give you some options, you can print on so much more than paper! Vinyl, fabrics, wall coverings, back-lit displays, and in some cases glass and acrylic are media at your fingertips when you have a large format device. Expand your everyday prints by switching up the media for a greater reach.

Your large format printer is a powerful and versatile tool, and you’ve made an investment by bringing the device and its capabilities in-house. Be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck by taking advantage of all of your printer’s capabilities. Contact Infomax to learn more about making large format work for you.

Make the Most of Your Multifunction Printer (MFP)

You know the basic functions of your multifunction printer (MFP): print, copy, scan, fax. Thanks to today’s technology, all of these functions are melded into a single sleek machine with a relatively small footprint. But if the basic “Big Four” are the only things you’re utilizing your MFP for, you’re missing out on high-powered tools that will make this versatile machine an even more valuable asset in your operations arsenal. Read on to learn about them.

Scan-to-File and Scan-to-Email — After scanning documents at your multifunction printer, do you have to return to your computer to rename, relocate, or email files? With your MFP’s technology, you can designate a file’s target network location or email it to a recipient directly from the MFP interface—no need to chase down documents later.

OCR — Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a software tool that detects letters, numbers, and punctuation in a document, from typed fields to hand-written notes. With OCR enabled, your scanned documents become easily searchable and accessible for indexing and copy/paste purposes.

Electronic Document Management — OCR becomes particularly powerful when you combine it with electronic document management software, a suite that integrates your multifunction printer with your central server to create a “home base” for all of your digital files and materials. Document management tools can help you link new files to existing records, such as by client name, date, or invoice number.

Applications — That’s right, apps aren’t just for your phone. Your MFP can be linked to your website’s content management system (CMS) or Google account to automatically upload files to those locations. You can also connect to your printer from tablet computers and mobile phones, eliminating the need to email yourself a file just to print it.

Your multifunction printer is so much more than a copier… Or a printer… Or a scanner… Or a fax machine. When fully taken advantage of, it’s a powerful, versatile tool that can help you streamline workflows, extract data, link documents, and communicate across the cloud. Contact Infomax Office Systems to the most out of your MFP or to add one to your fleet.