Why Off-Site Backup of Your Data Is Important

As business files are digitized and today’s work environment runs on data, off-site backup is essential. Duplication of your information and the ease with which it is accessible are two key factors in any solid data protection plan. An off-site backup solution provides the necessary redundancy needed in the event that your primary, on-site data storage system fails or is compromised. This physical location (or cloud storage) is separate and apart from your firm’s headquarters and the location where your IT solutions are stored.

Why Your Des Moines Business Needs a Comprehensive Data Protection Plan

A cloud-based, off-site storage solution will provide the protection you need in the event of a power outage or other occurrence that can cause an interruption in service for you and your clients. With off-site backup, your information and data will continue to be accessible even if your primary storage solution goes offline. Choosing a separate storage facility for your data storage can protect you from:

  • Ransom attacks or other security breaches – When you have a separate storage solution, data retrieval following a security breach becomes less catastrophic. You will also be able to access your data during a power outage that affects your primary servers.
  • Less risk of human error – When your data is backed up manually, there is always the chance for error or mistakes. Having an off-site automatic backup solution eliminates the need for manual backup.
  • Reduction of on-site equipment – Most organizations barely have room for one server farm, let alone space for necessary redundancy equipment. An off-site solution eliminates the need to clutter your office just to remain protected.
  • Cloud storage solutions grow with you – One of the main advantages of cloud-based storage is its ability to grow with you as your data protection needs an increase. Scalability for any sized company is a huge asset when considering future growth and success.

If you don’t currently have an off-site backup plan in place, it is time to begin organizing one. In today’s competitive marketplace, being offline for any length of time can have a significant impact on your business’s overall performance. Don’t let an act of nature or malware take you out of the game! Off-site backup solutions are fully customizable to meet your current needs and grow with you as your requirements evolve over time. Don’t leave your data security up to chance; gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected!

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