Large Format Can Mean Big Benefits

Printed materials remain a key part of successful marketing campaigns, no matter the industry. Companies that want to maximize their marketing campaign’s return-on-investment while keeping costs in line often find that a large format printer is the answer. In addition to signage and banners, these printers are capable of printing on wood, tile, rigid plastic, and many other surfaces. When you couple this flexibility with the various coatings and waterproof treatments that are available, the options for effective marketing materials are virtually endless.

If you have been outsourcing your printing jobs for events like road shows and conventions, or have purchased temporary signage, an in-house large format printing solution may be more cost-effective. By bringing large format printing in-house, your business will benefit from:
• The ability to produce prints that get noticed, with widths well over 120″
• Deep, rich colors from combining both CMYK and RGB inks
• Enhanced flexibility in types of jobs that can be completed
• A one-time investment rather than ongoing costs associated with outsourcing printing jobs

Is it time to up your marketing game?

With an in-house large format device, your marketing options are limitless. You can create eye-catching pieces in mediums such as:
• Signage for sandwich boards and other options for attracting foot traffic
• Vehicle wraps, which are becoming a “must have” marketing tool
• Custom sizes and shapes that can increase the visibility and impact of your signage
• Multiple window displays that change with the seasons or events
• Banners and signage for trade shows and conventions

As you can see, a whole new world of promotional opportunities is available with wide format printers, especially when you hold the equipment in-house. Because of the treatments that are available, your signage can withstand both rain and wind while giving your company the attention that it deserves. Having the flexibility to create these items in-house will help you keep costs in line, while providing you total creative control over the finished product. Outsourcing your printing jobs can limit your creative input, increase turnaround times, and make a hefty dent in your overall campaign budget. Why not enjoy the results that come with performing these tasks in-house?

There is no need to miss out on the increased visibility that your company can enjoy from effective marketing materials created with your very own large format printer! Contact Infomax Office Systems to learn more about the benefits of bringing your wide format printing tasks in-house? Our team is ready to discuss the best options for your current workflow and future production needs!