Setting a New Standard for Service in 2016

Modern businesses rely on linked technology systems to succeed. But, with technology comes service needs, and not many companies can support the infrastructure necessary to keep their office equipment up and running in-house. Outsourcing this job begs its own questions like, “Are you happy with your company’s current service of your desktop PCs, networks, and various imaging systems?”, or “Have you used the same service and maintenance company for years and think it may be time to reevaluate your needs?”. If you think the service you currently receive to support your business’s technology is lacking, consider updating your standard for service in 2016.

Specifically, consider a comprehensive service package for businesses relying on interconnections between all office technologies. This type of service offering boasts a complete answer for hands-off installation, setup, and optimization of office equipment that helps your business thrive by keeping all of your systems up-to-date and working together as efficiently as possible. Infomax’s complete service program—ConnectPlus—provides all of these features to ensure seamless technology integration and performance.

One significant benefit of a comprehensive service package is that a single vendor will assist you with all of your office equipment IT needs. From copiers and printers, to networked computers and software training, you only have one number to call for service, rather than dealing with the hassle of figuring out who to contact for each particular issue.

Moreover, this all-inclusive approach to office technology service ensures that the technician handling your account knows you and your business on a personal level, providing you with one point of contact who understands the intricacies of your business practices and workflows. Coupling intimate knowledge of your business with technical expertise will provide your company with top-notch, customized service.

Having one service provider simplifies your accounting situation, as well. Rather than receiving multiple bills from several providers, billing is consolidated into one invoice when you streamline your services. Merging all of your service and maintenance bills into a single invoice also has the potential to affect your bottom line dramatically, whereby you pay less on one bill than you would if your previous bills were summed.

So why not set a new standard for service in 2016? Working with a single vendor for all of your office’s technology needs ensures that your machines, both individually and as an interconnected system, are working as efficiently and economically as possible. Doing so will guarantee that your office’s workflows are optimized, allowing your team to work at peak performance throughout the year.

Contact Infomax today to speak with an expert about how your office can update its technology services by getting started with ConnectPlus.