MPS: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Printing is a critical part of daily business processes. But done inefficiently, printing can be a black hole for time and money—making equipment purchases that don’t meet your company’s needs, spending hours troubleshooting solutions to rectify problems, and running out of consumables at inconvenient times. All of these printing pitfalls add up to wasted resources for your business. But, when printing is done right, it can make your operations more streamlined, professional, and cost-effective.

Managed Print Services (MPS) can implement a few small changes that will make a big difference in your office. Here’s how:

Optimize workflows – No two businesses are exactly alike, and MPS will optimize your unique workflows. With MPS, your business’ specific needs are examined to find solutions that click with your systems and improve your processes. An initial MPS assessment can uncover shortcuts to help manage complex tasks like batch printing and document delivery. Or, your Managed Services Provider may identify multifunction machines that will help you accomplish your goals, while saving time, money, and office space. Your MPS partner can also examine your office layout, staffing, and print needs. With a complete picture of your unique business workflows, your Managed Services Provider can determine the best physical location and setup for each machine in your office’s imaging fleet.

Delete daily distractions – Increasingly, we’re learning that “multi-tasking” is a myth. What we’re really doing dozens of times each day is task-switching. And printing comes with plenty of tasks—taking inventory, ordering supplies, performing maintenance, troubleshooting, and more. Every time your IT or admin staff members have to stop and perform a printer-related task, you’re losing time and money. Turning to Managed Print Services means streamlining daily efforts and making all these print-related processes seamless.

End printer panic – How many times have you run out of toner when you’re in the middle of a time-sensitive print job? Consider the disruption that occurs when one of your staff members has to make a “quick run” to the office supply store so you can finish the job. With MPS’ automatic toner replacement, you’re ready to replace that cartridge without skipping a beat.

With Managed Print Services, little changes to your imaging fleet can make a big difference. Printing can become a seamlessly integrated part of essential processes and daily workflows. MPS can get the logistics of printing out of your way and identify solutions to improve your operations. After all, technology is supposed to make our lives easier, isn’t it?

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