Maximize MPS Success with These Simple Tips

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, companies are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. One solution that many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) find instrumental to boosting productivity and lowering their overhead is Managed Print Services (MPS). Through MPS, a company outsources the management of their printing fleet and document output to an external managed services provider. MPS enables businesses to gain control of their printing environments, which provides them with a number of benefits, including reduced hardware and consumable costs, enhanced security, lightened load for their IT staff, and improved workflows, just to name a few.

An MPS engagement is a partnership, and there are things companies can do on their end to help ensure the success of this initiative. In this blog post, we highlight ways to help you maximize your return on your MPS investment.

Take stock of your print environment. Before your MPS provider does their own initial assessment of your print fleet, utilize introspection to take a good look at your current environment. Beyond just lowering costs, which areas of your operation need addressing? Which business processes would you like improved?

Make your objectives clear. When first meeting with your MPS provider, it’s essential that you clearly outline your goals; what do you specifically seek to realize from your partnership. Whether it’s slashing your printing costs, increasing security and compliance, or reducing your IT staff’s burden, be sure to make your goals clear to your MPS provider, supplying them with any benchmarks you may have as well.

Review your progress. Throughout your MPS engagement, monitor your company’s progress toward your stated goals. Is your provider reaching them? If not, make sure you address these shortcomings with them, and ask them to have them implement changes to help ensure they meet your expectations.

A company’s print environment plays a huge, but often unassuming, role in their success, or lack thereof. While an MPS solution can help increase a business’ chance of the former, the odds will be greater when owners and presidents do their part. Contact Infomax Office Systems today to learn more about why some of Iowa’s most respected companies rely on our Managed Print Services.

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