Improve Document Security with Follow-me Printing

Technology is changing everything at an insane pace. However, while it might feel like the digital age has made paper documents obsolete, printing technology has kept pace with everything else. One way printing has transformed is with follow-me printing, a secure way to facilitate printing jobs on shared networks.

What Is Follow-me Printing?
Also called “pull” printing, follow-me printing is a hybrid between cloud storage and on-site printing. When a user needs to print a document, they upload the job to a server. The job is then stored indefinitely until the user physically gets to the designated printing device. Once there, they provide authentication (usually with a passcode or ID card) and the device will then print the job that is stored in the cloud.

It’s easy to see how follow-me printing can improve document security—especially for large businesses. In these types of environments, printing stations are shared across large numbers of users. The volume of access can cause printing jobs to become jumbled, and sometimes printed sheets will be left on the printer unsecured for far too long. With follow-me printing, the risk is eliminated. You must be physically present to pick up your documents before they will print, eliminating the possibility they end up in the wrong hands.

Other Benefits
Security is obviously a top priority for businesses today, but pull printing has other benefits to consider. With this feature, workflow and efficiency are easier to track and optimize. If everyone is printing under a unique authentication, you can track how much printing they do. It also prevents congestion at individual devices. Say someone needs to print many copies a large report in full color. That printer could be tied up for several hours. With follow-me printing, other users can simply redirect their printing requests by going to another printer, sparing them the hassle of waiting behind this lengthy print job.

With the numerous valuable benefits it provides, it’s easy to see that follow-me printing has massive potential to positively impact your printing workflow. Like to learn more? At Infomax Office Systems we’re always happy to engage in these conversations, so contact us today. We would love to discuss your printing needs and help you craft the ultimate printing strategy.