Does Your Law Firm Need Managed IT Services?

The practice of law is labor intensive. Between writing briefs, interviewing clients, research, and court time, lawyers work very long hours. Because of these long hours, IT technology, when it works, can be a great help. However, an IT system can be a tremendous burden to any law firm when it is not working properly.

Unless a law firm is a substantial one, it typically does not have the resources to maintain an in-house IT department. Smaller practices simply cannot cope with the problems of maintaining an IT system and keeping it running smoothly. Assigning IT support to an associate who happens to be tech-savvy is not a solution, either. That approach ignores the possibility that a computer failure will be too overwhelming for a single person to handle. Besides, a law firm hires an associate to do legal work, not IT maintenance.

Legal IT services can only be provided effectively and in a timely fashion by a Managed IT provider. A company that provides IT services can meet with a law firm, ascertain its unique requirements, and tailor a solution that works best for their practice.

Managed IT means that both hardware and software maintenance are available 24/7 and will be proactive, so that bugs in the system will often be ferreted out and repaired before they become problems affecting workflows. An outside Managed IT partner will be able to keep up with the rapidly changing world of information technology and suggest upgrades that will make the law practice run more smoothly than before. Access to the most advanced technology with legal IT services also is a competitive advantage that will attract and retain clients.

Data and network security are a major concern for a legal practice. A law firm’s clients often have confidential information that must be protected, not only for their peace of mind but to prevent exposure to a lawsuit for disclosing such information to hackers. Legal IT services provide law firms with proactive data security to ensure that all information is safe.

The question of whether your law firm needs Managed IT services is, therefore, the wrong one to ask. The proper question is what kind of Managed IT services does your firm need, and what is the best service package for your money? If you’re looking for trustworthy managed IT services for your Des Moines law firm, contact Infomax Office Systems today.