Has Your Company Embraced Mobile Printing?

Working on the go has steadily become the norm today. In fact, statistics show more than 70 percent of people across the globe work remotely at least once a week. Chances are that this percentage will continue to grow, as what was once the traditional workplace model continues to evolve. As it does, to remain competitive, companies will need to invest in mobile printing and integrate it into their overall strategy.

What is mobile printing?
Mobile printing is a pretty straightforward concept. Employees (and customers) can use any portable device, such as a phone, tablet or laptop, to print. The technology used for mobile printing is cloud-based, which means there is no longer a need to save files to a flash drive and find a computer to print from. Simply use your mobile device to give the print command and you’ll be able to immediately retrieve your document.

Benefits of mobile printing
Many industries, such as legal, healthcare, and real estate, are dependent on paper documents in their routine workflows. Providing your employees with the right technology, software, or application enables them to print while working remotely, traveling, or during those unexpected on-the-fly moments. Businesses investing in mobile printing enjoy:
• Heightened convenience and flexibility
• Better accessibility
• Increased productivity
• Improved customer service
• Better cost-efficiency
• Standardized print processes and protocol
• Easy setup
• Decreased reliance on IT resources
Amplified security for printing documents

With today’s increased reliance on mobile devices to do our jobs, it makes perfect sense for employees to have easy and secure mobile print access. Waiting to print is counterproductive. Having immediate accessibility ensures tasks, projects, or contracts are completed in a timely fashion.

Mobile use for business continues to rise
While going mobile for business was perhaps once considered a novelty, it’s now a fundamental need. A 2016 study found 68 percent of employers said their employees use their smartphones at least four hours per week for work purposes. Furthermore, 87 percent of employers said they were dependent “to some extent” on their employees’ ability to use their personal phones to access mobile business apps. It’s grown clear people are using their devices in lieu of computers, which means all functions traditionally done on a PC need to be mobilized, and this includes printing.

Chances are your competition has already embraced mobile printing. However, if your company hasn’t yet made the investment, now is the time to consider doing so. To learn more information about how mobile printing can improve your productivity, efficiency, and boost your bottom line, contact us today!