Why Businesses Should Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A disaster recovery plan is a business plan that prepares your company for an IT disaster. These plans are designed to get your business up and running quickly. Disaster recovery planning is only a part of the overall goal of business continuity, and it applies to any organization that relies on an IT infrastructure to function. Its goal is to bring vital IT support services back online. Here’s why your Des Moines business should have a disaster recovery plan.

Here are the Three Main Reasons Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan:

1. Disaster Recovery Planning is Required by Federal and State Statutes

Many businesses are required by law to have a disaster recovery plan in place. If your business is governed by HIPAA or federal finance regulations, you must have a disaster recovery plan in place. Sanctions and penalties, especially for HIPAA violations and information breaches, can result in multimillion-dollar fines.

2. Your Business Could Close

If your business suffers a disaster due to fire, flood, or storm, it could be a part of the 25 percent that never reopens. A takedown of your computer network, loss of data, and business closure could also be accompanied by other losses:

  • Financial—loss of profits, a reduced market share, HIPAA or federal regulatory fines, penalties for data breaches.
  • Reputation—damage to your business brand, unfavorable publicity.
  • Loss of business license or litigious liability due to court claims for breach of contract, etc.
  • Missed market opportunities and ruined growth plans after becoming dead in the water.

3. Disaster Recovery Planning is Your Stepping Stone to Focused Management.

Disaster recovery planning involves a thorough analysis of your business processes. You assess what you must do to get your IT infrastructure back up quickly. You also assess what you can do without by separating the nice to have from the mission essential.

When you proceed to Business Impact Analysis required for business continuity planning, you will already have identified your IT disaster recovery resources for a head start in the overall process.

Is your disaster recovery planning solid and compliant? If you have questions and would like a professional evaluation of your Des Moines business, contact Infomax Office Systems today.