The Benefits of In-House Production Printing – Infomax

If your business isn’t directly correlated with printing, you may currently choose to send big print jobs to an outside printing company. Some firms make this choice assuming that professional-quality printing is too expensive to bring in-house or that it’s too difficult to do it well on-site. But in reality, many companies find that investing in the equipment for in-house production printing machine benefits them in numerous ways. If your organization regularly needs professional-quality printed materials in large quantities, such as programs, booklets, handouts and more, consider these ways that in-house production printing may serve you well.

  • Maintain your schedule: When you outsource production printing, you’re at the vendor’s mercy. There’s little you can do to rush an order, and there’s little chance you’ll get a quick job through after hours or on Saturday. The vendor’s largest clients will always take priority, so if that’s not you, you’re out of luck. Moving your production printing in-house gives you complete schedule control.
  • Control your costs: Of course there are upfront costs associated with bringing production printing in-house. However, there is significant cost every time you send an order to the nearby print shop, too. And those costs add up. You may find significant savings over the long run by doing your own production printing on-site, especially if you print in high volumes. Your purchasing options, such as leasing vs. buying, may prove to be surprising as you dig into the numbers to determine if you spend enough on outsourced printing projects annually versus the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a production printer.
  • Avoid leaks: In-house production printing reduces the number of hands and eyes processing your material. If you are printing material that is in any way sensitive or proprietary, you know that controlling access to that information is critical. Sending files to a vendor opens up many avenues for a data breach. The digital files can be stored or transmitted insecurely, and any number of personnel at the print shop could surreptitiously steal or copy your information.
  • Be free: Most commercial printing firms come with strings attached. They may require weeks of lead time or have a high minimum threshold for print runs. They may be finicky about file types or lack the will to call and ask about an obvious error in your content. With in-house production printing, you can set your own rules and perform more thorough quality assurance checks.

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