Innovative Uses of Color Printing

With all of the competition vying for the attention of your clients and prospects, it’s imperative for businesses to stand out and be noticed. And among the glut of competitors companies face in the majority of industries today, capturing your target audience’s attention can prove to be quite a challenge. One of the tools at your disposal that often flies beneath the radar is color printing, the impact of which is vastly understated.

Utilizing color in your marketing strategy is a great way to capture attention, improve retention, and invoke a response. According to a study by The University of Loyola, Maryland, color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent. And a survey by Harris Interactive revealed 54 percent of respondents are more likely to read marketing pieces when they’re printed in color. There is no questioning the value color printing brings to your marketing efforts, and printing in color is more affordable than you think.

Using color printing to gain a competitive advantage.

Use a color to influence mood: Cool colors such as blue, green, silver, and purple tend to have a calming effect on recipients. Warm colors such as red, yellow, orange, and pink tend to stimulate recipients. It’s key to understand your target audience, and use the colors that will produce the response you want to invoke.

Mix color text into the body of your message: Even a small amount of color text in any of your literature or marketing materials will significantly improve impact and response by helping readers easily locate the information you want them to find.

Be consistent with the colors you use for your professional identity: Create guidelines for your brand that establish the colors you will use when communicating with your audience to create your own look and feel, and cultivate recognition.

Color is a powerful tool enabling businesses to stand out among the competition. Utilize it in your company’s communications to capture attention and create a long-lasting impression. Infomax Office Systems has a color printer to meet your Iowa-area business’s needs.