5 Quick Fixes for Common Printing Problems

We’re moving to a digital world, but business still run on paper. So what do you do when printing problems appear? Sometimes it’s best to call in the pros, but a few common print issues can be fixed with a little know-how and a simple tweak here or there.

Don’t let minor printer troubles get you down. Try these quick tips before calling for backup.

1. Paper jams. Open the printer, check for anything jamming the paper’s route, and remove any obstruction before gently (but firmly) removing the stuck paper. Try to pull straight and smooth, making note of where the pressure has it trapped. If the paper does tear, just collect all the pieces before closing the printer cover.

2. Slow printing. Complex images and huge files can send your printer—and you—over the edge. Check your file sizes and image resolutions, eliminate unneeded pictures, or take advantage of features to flatten layers or reduce file sizes. If those tricks don’t help, your wireless connection speed may need a boost or your printer might need a memory upgrade.

3. Using too much paper. If a simple project comes out in a stack the size of War and Peace, it may be time to rethink your defaults. Choose automatic duplex (double-sided) printing or 2-up printing (two document pages per sheet of paper), and reduce your margins to fit more content on a page.

4. Nothing is printing. You’ve hit print and are expecting the happy whirr of the printer coming to life. Instead—nothing. So, what happened? First, make sure the printer is powered on, then check your print settings—maybe your document went to another device. If your job is still in your print queue, try restarting your computer and then, if needed, the printer.

5. Low-quality images. Does your printout look like you forgot to put on your glasses this morning? Blurry, over-pixelated images indicate that you need a higher print resolution. Look for images that are 300 dpi (dots per inch) at a minimum. If something is still off, consider switching to paper designed for printing color images.

If these simple solutions don’t solve your printing problems, call Infomax Office Systems today for service, or to learn about alternate business printing options.