Importance of Data Security for Businesses

Data security is when protective measures are put in place to keep unauthorized access out of computers, websites, and databases. This process also provides a mechanism for protecting data from loss or corruption. No business today, be it a small local company or a large corporation, should overlook implementing security measures. Not having an adequate plan in place for information security can result in steep consequences for businesses in Des Moines. Here are three reasons why security is important.

1. Ensure Business Continuity

In today’s data-driven environments, most organizations cannot function without data because it’s become a primary asset found at the core of most business operations and decisions. Imagine waking up one morning and finding all data has disappeared due to a breach, equipment failure, or natural disaster. Any of these events would render a business unable to function. Data security ensures routine backups are made and available in the event original data is otherwise lost or inaccessible, ensuring business continuity takes place.

2. Avoid Data Breaches

Every organization has a responsibility to perform due diligence when it comes to their client and employee records and transactions. Data breaches result in several negative consequences for Des Moines businesses.

  • Financial costs.
  • Loss of public trust.
  • Damaged brand reputation.
  • Impact on future profits.
  • Legal or regulatory consequences associated with breaches.

Considering the fact a data breach costs small and medium businesses (SME), on average, $120,000 per cyber incident, security is a task no business wants to ignore.

3. Prevent Unauthorized Access

Hackers have become increasingly savvy as they develop advanced techniques to evade security measures. Companies that put little to no emphasis on security are essentially leaving their front doors open with a welcome mat. Areas of business vulnerability include:

  • Computers, laptops, and smart devices.
  • Website.
  • Networks.
  • Peripheral equipment.
  • Lack of employee awareness about good security practices.

Adding increased layers of information security will go a long way in deterring unauthorized access to business systems and equipment.

Many wrongly believe exploiters primarily target enterprise companies because they offer the largest payoffs. While it’s true larger companies do possess more data to abuse, realistically hackers are going after SMEs because they tend to have easier systems to penetrate. According to a recent report about data breaches, 58 percent of exploiters targeted SMEs in 2018.

Could your company use a boost in its data security? For more information about increasing security for your Des Moines business, contact Infomax Office Systems today for additional details.