How to Achieve Better Scanning

Quality and efficiency are at the top of the list of everyone’s scanning needs. In order to help you achieve this, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get the best results when you scan documents.

Choose Your Weapon
● Flatbed or sheet-fed scanner? Stacks of paper are handled brilliantly by automatic document feeders, while flatbed scanners are ideal for oversized documents or books.

● What’s your speed need? Usually reported in pages per minute, scanning speeds can vary widely from one device to another. Depending on your scan environment, you may need a few dozen scans daily, or a few hundred, so make sure your scanner can handle the workload.

● Specialized document format? If you’re scanning lots of business cards, receipts, photos, slides, or negatives, specially-designed guides or scanners will maximize your scan quality.

Check Your Specs
● Use the appropriate scan resolution. Your optimal resolution will depend on the initial document and your ultimate usage of the scanned document or photo. For example, screen-only viewing works fine at 72 PPI (pixels per inch), but most printers output at 300 DPI (dots per inch). Scan at a higher resolution if your image will be cropped or enlarged.

● Select auto mode. Most scanners have an option that provides optimal resolution, contrast, and file format based on input type. Indicate whether you’re working with a picture, color document, or black-and-white document, and the scanner will handle the rest.

● Tweak the histogram. Manually defining the black, white, and mid-range points in the image or document can dramatically change readability.

Prep the Paper
● Remove all staples and paper clips. Prevent foreign objects from getting stuck inside your scanner, which could necessitate repair or replacement.

● Tape up any tears. Ripped paper can snag in the device and cause further damage to the document.

● Fan the paper. Treat your paper like a deck of cards you’re about to shuffle to separate individual pages and prevent double-feeding.

Scan away!
If you’ve followed these tips, you’re on the right path for a quality scan: pick the best scanner, adjust your technical specifications, and prepare items before scanning. To make sure your scanner is working best for your needs, contact Infomax Office Systems today.