How Office Technology Can Drive Your Marketing Efforts

To help reach their customer acquisition and retention goals, smart businesses rely on office technology. If you want to ramp up your marketing efforts in a cost-efficient manner, consider these three office technologies.

In-house printers

Acquiring a quality, versatile, in-house printer can solve many of the dilemmas companies face when it comes to printed materials—namely those associated with time and money. You’ll benefit from:

Personalized materials. Creating marketing materials is cumbersome and costly. With an in-house printer customized brochures, flyers, and other documents can be printed on an as-needed basis. No more over-ordering from vendors for “just in case” scenarios.
Fast access. Sales teams need marketing materials on hand in the office, at trade shows, or while hitting the proverbial pavement. Immediate access to these documents enables teams to have the materials they need in a timely fashion.
Current literature. Nothing is worse than pulling out printed marketing materials and finding they’re out of date. Handling printing internally ensures current literature is always available because marketing documents can be edited and printed on the spot if necessary.
Integrate tasks. A versatile printer can work in conjunction with scanning, data capture, and CRMs.

Rather than run to an outside vendor to print marketing materials—often paying fees to expedite—it’s far more efficient to handle this task in-house and improve your ROI.

Big data tools

Big data is a major game changer and its impact on marketing is no exception. Consider these innovative approaches:

• Geotargeting and location data
• Cross-collaboration and integration of data between departments to create a fuller picture of target audiences
• Artificial intelligence to create highly personalized experiences, produce better leads, and increase conversions

As the future arrives, any tech incorporating machine learning will be tremendous in driving marketing efforts.

Large format printers

Large format printers have proven themselves to be a valuable office tool, especially from a marketing perspective. Think about the many major print jobs companies often pay someone else to:

• Posters
• Banners
• Signs
• Murals
• Life-size cutouts

You too can design beautiful large-scale pieces such as these to showcase your brand and boost your leads. Consider the places you can place these customized items—store windows, company vehicles, trade show booths, and more. Printing these items internally increases flexibility while decreasing costs.

Utilizing the right office technology can go a long way towards improving your marketing initiatives. Contact Infomax Office Systems today to find the perfect technology to facilitate your office’s marketing initiatives in-house.