Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Office Equipment

Businesses and their employees work hard to provide superior products and services, and when the tools they use to do their jobs can no longer function properly, it can hinder the entire operation. It’s essential to make sure that your multifunction printers, fax machines, and computers run efficiency. Here are a few signs it’s time to upgrade your office equipment.  Read more

Improve Document Security with Follow-me Printing

Technology is changing everything at an insane pace. However, while it might feel like the digital age has made paper documents obsolete, printing technology has kept pace with everything else. One way printing has transformed is with follow-me printing, a secure way to facilitate printing jobs on shared networks.

What Is Follow-me Printing?
Also called “pull” printing, follow-me printing is a hybrid between cloud storage and on-site printing. When a user needs to print a document, they upload the job to a server. The job is then stored indefinitely until the user physically gets to the designated printing device. Once there, they provide authentication (usually with a passcode or ID card) and the device will then print the job that is stored in the cloud.

It’s easy to see how follow-me printing can improve document security—especially for large businesses. In these types of environments, printing stations are shared across large numbers of users. The volume of access can cause printing jobs to become jumbled, and sometimes printed sheets will be left on the printer unsecured for far too long. With follow-me printing, the risk is eliminated. You must be physically present to pick up your documents before they will print, eliminating the possibility they end up in the wrong hands.

Other Benefits
Security is obviously a top priority for businesses today, but pull printing has other benefits to consider. With this feature, workflow and efficiency are easier to track and optimize. If everyone is printing under a unique authentication, you can track how much printing they do. It also prevents congestion at individual devices. Say someone needs to print many copies a large report in full color. That printer could be tied up for several hours. With follow-me printing, other users can simply redirect their printing requests by going to another printer, sparing them the hassle of waiting behind this lengthy print job.

With the numerous valuable benefits it provides, it’s easy to see that follow-me printing has massive potential to positively impact your printing workflow. Like to learn more? At Infomax Office Systems we’re always happy to engage in these conversations, so contact us today. We would love to discuss your printing needs and help you craft the ultimate printing strategy.

Does Your Law Firm Need Managed IT Services?

The practice of law is labor intensive. Between writing briefs, interviewing clients, research, and court time, lawyers work very long hours. Because of these long hours, IT technology, when it works, can be a great help. However, an IT system can be a tremendous burden to any law firm when it is not working properly. Read more

Benefits of Wide Format Printing For Your Business

Wide format printing, also known as large format printing, is an advertising means that has grown in popularity over the past few years, especially in the marketing industry. The luxury of having a larger medium to work with is the beauty of wide format printing, as the size of your outputs are exponentially larger with a wide format printer. Businesses across Iowa have found that this type of printer is an effective tool in promoting company growth. Read more

On the Fence about Managed IT Services?

As your company continues to grow, you might be wondering how to make better use out of your existing resources. Your expanding infrastructure demands updates in IT equipment, manpower, networks, and access. But should you expand your IT department to accommodate all of this growth or focus on the products and services your company provides? If IT isn’t your industry, it might be time to consider partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and utilizing managed IT services to relieve some of the burdens of expansion.

Outsourcing IT: What’s in It for Me?
When you partner with an MSP, you will be outsourcing IT personnel. However, managed IT services will save you time as technology updates will be handled by your service provider. Your business also won’t waste money on failed hardware or software, and you will have access to the cutting-edge devices, processes, and services that will help you look to the future. Your monthly fees will help you control the outflow of funds that come from managing your IT in-house.

IT is a Utility—Not Your Problem
Your business relies on IT. The internet and your network must be always accessible and functioning, just like electricity. When you hire an MSP to manage your IT needs, you can begin to treat these necessary tools like a utility. It will no longer be your job to ensure access to your digital world; it’s theirs. Your staff can then focus on meeting your clients’ needs, just like they should.

Managed IT Services Provide Solutions
Perhaps the best thing about partnering with an MSP is that you have a team of experts available to you at any time to troubleshoot those problems or challenges that arise in your IT world. Their pool of talent will have knowledge, experience, and access to the most up-to-date solutions, which can be tailored to suit your business’s demands. Whether you require secure cloud storage, an update to your cybersecurity, or to simply replace a crucial hard drive and backup your data, trained and certified professional help is just a phone call away. Imagine the reassurance of knowing your business’s IT needs are in the hands of a team of trusted professionals?

Your growing success requires a fresh approach to keep up with the rapidly changing IT world. Learn more about how Infomax’s iGuard Managed IT services can help you continue to expand and grow by giving us a call today.

Why Off-Site Backup of Your Data Is Important

As business files are digitized and today’s work environment runs on data, off-site backup is essential. Duplication of your information and the ease with which it is accessible are two key factors in any solid data protection plan. An off-site backup solution provides the necessary redundancy needed in the event that your primary, on-site data storage system fails or is compromised. This physical location (or cloud storage) is separate and apart from your firm’s headquarters and the location where your IT solutions are stored. Read more

The Link Between Managed Print Services and Your IT Team

How much do you pay for your IT work? If you’re like many other businesses in the world, it’s not a small amount. In fact, IT resources are among the fastest growing costs for businesses. When used correctly, they’re also the most valuable. Do you think having your IT resources spent on replacing a toner cartridge is a cost-effective measure? If not, you need to think more seriously about Managed Print Services (MPS). It is the concept of fully outsourcing all of your printing management—from supplying printers to servicing devices. How much can MPS really help your business? Let’s find out! Read more

Seeking a Productivity Boost? It’s Time to Leverage Your Office Printer

The humble printer is a staple of the typical office environment, tirelessly and faithfully serving the needs of your workforce. This also makes office printers one of the most overlooked aspects of office productivity. Nearly every employee in your business will come into contact with a printer at some point, so understanding how its usage impacts employees is essential for boosting productivity levels. Read more

How a Color Printer Benefits Business

The use of color can have a powerful effect upon your printed documents. Color draws in your audience, providing you with a better opportunity to get your message across. This is why it’s so important to utilize a reliable, high-quality color printer at your business.

Let’s dig deeper and look at some of the specific benefits you’ll realize from using a color printer in your office.

Stand out from the competition – Color gives your documents a little extra “pop” to help them stand out. Color can play a big role in separating your business from the competition. Try using high-quality, full color logos and images to make your message jump off the page.

Take control – In-house color printing will help your business stay competitive by providing the ability to create high quality, affordable color documents whenever they are needed. This kind of flexibility gives you the power to grow your brand as you see fit. No more need to rely on the schedules of outside vendors to get your color printing done.

Increase brand awareness – Color has a major influence on brand awareness. Utilize color in your marketing materials to create strong brand awareness with your audience. Over time, your clients will grow to recognize your brand immediately just by the color scheme you utilize.

Lower printing costs – While many people assume that color printing is too costly, that’s certainly not the case. In fact, in-house color printing will save you money in the long run. Along with the flexibility that comes along with in-house printing, you also no longer need to pay an outside vendor for your color printing projects.

Increase the clarity of your message – Just think about the difference between a black and white document and a color document when it comes to graphs and images. The color document will be the obvious choice when it comes to the clarity of these items in your documents. At the end of the day, you need your audience to understand and retain your message. That’s what color accomplishes.

Color printing is a tremendous asset for businesses looking for simple ways to reach their target market. Fortunately, an in-house color printer provides this opportunity at an affordable cost. For more information about color printing or help finding the right device for your in-house printing efforts, contact Infomax Office Systems today.

Creating a Document Management System for Your Small Business

A document management system will track, manage, and store all of your documents in an effort to streamline your business processes and reduce the amount of paper in your office. Creating and implementing a document management system is essential to efficiency in the modern small business. Let’s take a look at how to best go about adopting a document management system that will fit the needs of your company and seamlessly integrating it into your workflows.

Start with a plan
Your first step should be taking a close look at the type of documents that your business handles regularly. Organize the various document templates and map out the rules associated with each type of document. For example, some documents need to be time-stamped during a particular review process that passes through several employees. Create rules designating where particular documents should be located and how they should be saved. Establishing solid filing practices will make it easy to file and retrieve documents going forward.

Be sure to consider security as well for the types of documents that are being shared. Through rules and permissions allow only authorized users to have access to certain confidential information. Creating these access controls will help ensure the security of your data and facilitate regulatory compliance.

Implement your plan
Once you’ve carefully worked out the details of your document management plan, it’s time to implement it. Provide thorough training to your staff and explain the tangible benefits they’ll experience from your document management solution to help ensure buy-in from your employees. Document management works best when your staff fully understands how to create, store, and receive documents, as well as how doing so will make their lives easier.

Always follow up
Once your document management system is up and running, don’t just go about business as usual assuming that everything is automatically working smoothly without any kinks. Do some regular spot checks to look for misfiles and to make sure your workflows are moving along as intended. Continue to educate and remind your employees about the inner workings of the system. The better your employees understand how and why things work, the more successful the system will be.

Would your business benefit from a document management solution? Contact the experts at Infomax Office Systems to help you find and implement the right solution for your workplace.