The High Cost of Data Security Leaks

Data security leaks come in all shapes and sizes. Many are malicious, whereas others are the result of human error. Consider these findings when assessing just how important data protection actually is:

  1. Malicious intent is on the rise. Previously, most data leaks resulted from human error or system glitches.
  2. According to Ponemon Institute’s 2013 “Cost of Data Breach Study”, 41 percent of data leaks are now criminal attacks, as opposed to 33 percent for human error and 26 percent for system glitches.
  3. Criminal attacks cost more. If it wasn’t enough that malicious attacks are now more common than ever, they are also far more costly. A record lost on behalf of a criminal attack will cost, on average, $277.
  4. Preparation is key. Having a built­-in system for data leaks can reduce the cost of a compromised record by as much as $42. Furthermore, reaching out to an outside source for assistance with a breach response can reduce your costs by an average of $13 per compromised record. Infomax provides Unified Threat Management which is included in the iGuard package. It ensures that you are protected from threats and able to manage where users spend their time on the internet