The Advantages of an MFP-based Imaging Solution

Even the most efficient and environmentally friendly office has to deal with a significant amount of paperwork. Just a single lost or misplaced document can have an enormous impact on your business. A multifunction peripheral or MFP-based document imaging solution can eliminate these risks and hang-ups.

  1. Maintaining a paper filing system is complicated and overwhelming. Staffers can easily get bogged down by piles of paperwork cluttering their desks. It’s estimated that an employee spends three to five hours per week looking for documents or files. This enormous waste of time, money and resources can be eliminated from your business by simply investing in a suitable MFP-based document imaging solution
  2. An MPF is an affordable, all-in-one business machine that can copy, print, scan and fax, and can be digitally networked to any computer or authorized user. You can continue to make hard copies of documents when necessary, and pick up faxes that arrive “the old fashioned way.” But an MFP gives you the added bonus of digitally scanning and safely archiving all of your company’s documents, making the quest for stray paperwork a thing of the past.
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