The High Cost of Data Security Leaks

Data security leaks come in all shapes and sizes. Many are malicious, whereas others are the result of human error. Consider these findings when assessing just how important data protection actually is:

  1. Malicious intent is on the rise. Previously, most data leaks resulted from human error or system glitches.
  2. According to Ponemon Institute’s 2013 “Cost of Data Breach Study”, 41 percent of data leaks are now criminal attacks, as opposed to 33 percent for human error and 26 percent for system glitches.
  3. Criminal attacks cost more. If it wasn’t enough that malicious attacks are now more common than ever, they are also far more costly. A record lost on behalf of a criminal attack will cost, on average, $277.
  4. Preparation is key. Having a built­-in system for data leaks can reduce the cost of a compromised record by as much as $42. Furthermore, reaching out to an outside source for assistance with a breach response can reduce your costs by an average of $13 per compromised record. Infomax provides Unified Threat Management which is included in the iGuard package. It ensures that you are protected from threats and able to manage where users spend their time on the internet

Top 5 Smart Hardware Decisions

Smart and eco-friendly offices know that going green starts with making the right hardware decisions. Here are the top 5 tips to help you make greener hardware choices.

5. Buy or lease your office hardware. Having the machines you need on-site reduces the distance your items have to be transported and serviced (Or, with Infomax, we can come to you!)

4. Find copiers, printers and MFPs that have paper-saving functions, such as a duplexing. Having your hardware know when paper can be saved takes some of the responsibility off of you, making it easier to go green.

3. Consider refurbished equipment as a “green” alternative to new. Many manufacturers or dealers offer refurbished options for sale or lease at a significant discount. Infomax completely examines every machine and repairs or replaces worn parts to make sure that your refurbished machine runs like new so that you get maximum value.

2. Consider consolidating to an MFP­-only setup. Multi-function printers setups use about 40 percent less energy than offices that have a separate machine for each function. For everyday office tasks, consolidation is key!

1. Look for the ENERGY STAR-certified products when purchasing hardware. ENERGY STAR products are regulated by the federal government and certified according to the level of energy efficiency the product can help you attain. Because they use up to 60 percent less energy than conventional products, ENERGY STAR-rated machines help you save more money and recuperate the cost of your machines faster!

There’s no shortage of options to consider when choosing hardware. Infomax is here to lend our support! When embarking on your search for a more efficient office, consider these five choices first. Then, let us know how we can help make it happen!

Keeping Your Head in the Cloud

Cloud computing has become the next big thing in computing, but the cloud needs to be navigated carefully. Here are some things to consider when pick what cloud service might be right for you.

Public vs. Private – Private clouds provide their clients more control of their own enterprise and customer data, and are therefore more secure and better suited for regulatory compliance than public clouds.

Knowing Your Requirements – What level of security does your business require for the information you will be sharing through a cloud? What requirements must be met to ensure your regulatory compliance?

Check Underneath the Hood – It is critical to carry out an in-­depth evaluation of a cloud provider’s security systems and practices.

Go Mobile – Mobile devices must be accounted for by cloud providers in an effort to lock down all endpoints.

Addressing Common IT Concerns in Your Office

Having a dedicated staff to analyze IT investments is becoming increasingly difficult and costly among businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, finding the right managed IT provider can help. Infomax Office Systems, Inc. can help ease your concerns by offering an IT safety net. Your productivity and workflow can benefit by taking advantage of our iGuard Managed IT program, which offers on-site or cloud IT services for email security, backup and disaster recovery, threat management and mobile device management. Below, we’ve listed the top three most common IT concerns we hear from our clients.

1. Email Security

Is your email service down? Are there situations where emails are not going outside of the office or external emails are not making it in? When this happens, it not only affects productivity, it also causes major delays. How does this delay in communication affect your bottom line? Learn more about how Infomax’s Email Security measures can improve the effectiveness of communications in your office.

2. Computer Performance

Have you noticed that your computer is performing slower than it used to, or are you finding your employees’ performance is being affected by slow computers? With employees downloading applications and other items from the internet, there could be various reasons for slow computer performance. With our IT Support Services, Infomax can optimize each computer to boost processing speed, clean out redundant or unused processes and programs and effectively extend the operational life of your system.

3. Virus Issues

With new and more advanced virus and malware attacks occurring on a daily basis, are you protecting your data and equipment? Where will you start? Infomax Office Systems will assess your company’s current virus protection capabilities and can make improvements to how your systems interpret and deal with outside threats. Unified Threat Management from Infomax offers protection services including real-time system monitoring, intrusion prevention and firewall security to ward off even the most advanced threats.

Like any investment, your business should be protected and maintained. These common questions and concerns aren’t unique to any office: every day, the experts at Infomax help businesses and organizations of all sizes keep their systems secure and operating at their full potential. With some of the most advanced IT capabilities available for your business, Infomax can tailor which iGuard Managed IT services you receive to fit your office’s unique needs. We take pride in partnering with our clients to construct IT plans that minimize in-house expenses and address every concern, no matter how big or small. Our consultation services are free to you. Contact us today and let Infomax Office Systems help your workflow and information systems flourish!

Infomax Annual School Supply Drive a Success!

With all the expenses that parents have to incur, we know that sometimes school supplies do not fit into their budget. The employees at Infomax Office Systems have an annual school supply drive to help the students at different schools in Iowa. Donations are received during the month of August, and Infomax contributes the various school supplies — including paper, folders, pencils, pens, pencil boxes, rulers, tape, erasers, highlighters and backpacks — to students who then benefit from always having the tools they need to succeed. Supplies were collected in both the Des Moines and Ottumwa offices, and this year were donated to George Washington Carver Elementary in Des Moines and Wilson Elementary in Ottumwa.

Write to Infomax for more information on how you can be our next school to receive donations!

Infomax Lends a Hand at the Annual Hunger Fight Event

For the seventh consecutive year, Infomax Office Systems volunteered at the Meals from the Heartland Annual Hunger Fight. The event was held from Wednesday, August 27 through Saturday, August 30 at Hy-Vee Hall in downtown Des Moines.

This year’s event had 15,000 volunteers with a goal of five million meals packaged. This event is the largest volunteer meal packaging event of its type in the United States each year. The Infomax team volunteered 2 hours of their time and packaged 37 cartons of 36 meals enclosed in each carton for a total of 1,332 meals. The event packaged 4.3 million meals which are now boxed up and ready to send to hungry children and families in central Iowa and around the world.