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One of the benefits of working with Infomax is that our customers have ranked us in the top 100 for company satisfaction — across all of North America.

Many companies claim they have the best service, but few actually have the systems set in place to capture the feedback that supports their claims. Infomax asks for feedback after every service call in order to measure our performance against that of others using a Net Promoter Score, the gold standard for reliably assessing customer satisfaction across all industries. Infomax is Net Promoter Certified, and all data is collected by a third-party survey provider, meaning our feedback is an accurate, verified and authentic representation of how our customers view our business.

The 2019 Infomax NPS score of 89.38 is one of the highest in North America, placing Infomax above national companies such as Google, Apple and Intel. This number is based on 273 completed surveys out of 2177 invites that were sent to our customers. As a straightforward loyalty metric that holds companies and employees accountable for how they treat customers, Infomax uses the Net Promoter Score as both a loyalty metric and a discipline for using our customers’ feedback to fuel positive interactions with our clients. Employees at all levels of our organization understand it, leading to customer-centric change and improved performance.

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…and Reliable

Infomax Customer Assets Were up and Operational 99.57% of the Time in 2019

Infomax regularly records data about our machines and service calls in order to better track the level of performance we’re able to provide to our customers. Below are a few numbers collected over the course of 2019.

In 2019, Infomax…

  • Responded to 2,390 service calls of all types
  • Served over 4,997 customer output devices
  • Kept our customers up and running 99.57% of the time
  • Had an average response time of 3.20 hours
  • Provided products and services to 88 Iowa counties
  • Responded to service calls requiring repairs 1,140 times
  • Responded within an hour to 45.17% of all repair calls
  • Responded within 2 hours to 62.89% of all repair calls