For many small and medium-sized companies, the elevated cost of staying current with technology keeps it out of reach. Infomax is making high tech affordable with its comprehensive suite of iGuard data services. With iGuard Managed IT, adding information technology staff and buying expensive equipment isn’t necessary.

On-site Managed IT Services

Infomax’s iGuard On-site Managed IT Services provide affordable disaster recovery, secure storage, monitoring, system updates and more to keep your network running optimally around the clock. The iGuard service package operates silently in the background so there is nothing to turn on, adjust or fix, and with 24/7 security against viruses and hackers, most anomalies and bandwidth issues are resolved before you know they’ve even occurred.

Cloud IT Services

Infomax iGuard hosted cloud services provide a centralized, cost-effective solution. All of your business information, custom applications, office software – and anything else your business requires – are relocated to a secure, remote central server and are instantly accessible to all authorized employees over the internet.