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iGuard Managed Network Services

Infomax has built its reputation on giving Iowa businesses the tools to succeed. To continue enhancing office performance, Infomax offers iGuard, its exclusive managed network services program.

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You no longer have to accept network slowdowns and crashes as a part of business. Infomax’s iGuard managed network services program not only keeps your network running optimally around the clock; it keeps your office’s productivity operating at peak efficiency. iGuard runs silently in the background from a remote location, so there is nothing to turn on, adjust or fix. At the location your network status is continually monitored and overseen by a dedicated IT staff.

But iGuard does more than monitor your network. The program provides 24/7 security against viruses and hackers, reporting anomalies and resolving bandwidth issues as soon as they occur and, in some cases, even before they occur. If remote remediation efforts fail to fix a problem, Infomax engineers can step in immediately to ensure optimum network performance.

Receive the same attentive, preventative measures for your network you enjoy with Infomax products and services by subscribing to iGuard. In most cases, connecting your network to the iGuard service can be as easy as flipping a switch.

iGuard Basic »

iGuard managed network services help deliver optimum business data system performance remotely through continuous desktop, server and network device monitoring. Network issues are detected and remedied remotely; however, if a problem cannot be remediated remotely, engineers can come to your office for repairs.* iGuard also features end-point security and critical patch management.

iGuard Interactive »

The iGuard Interactive tier includes all of the benefits of iGuard, plus more one-on-one services, such as a help desk for users and tech support for your operating system, updates and other questions you may have. User account administration is included, as are system health report conferences and office repair visits.**

Optional Services »

Tailor your iGuard program further with email and web security packages, message archiving, remote back-up and security analysis. Infomax also offers assistance with strategic planning, policy and standards, technology budgeting, plus domain and hardware life cycle management.

* Hourly fees apply.
** The Interactive package includes four hours of on-site service. Fees apply to any additional repair time on site.